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People ask us how they can get more involved with reptiles and learn more about herpetology. These are three of our favorite resources!

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The Lancaster Herpetological Society¬†is our closest partner organization, and we have collaborated for¬†over a decade. LHS is a local herpetology club with great events and activities for the whole family. The club holds monthly meetings at the Manheim Township Public Library and organizes herpetology-themed field trips and conservation projects. Some meetings feature more academic level studies which are geared toward adults. Other meetings feature all-ages¬†topics and activities…and of course live REPTILES! Some of the club’s field trips have been behind-the-scenes tours of ZooAmerica, Maryland Zoo, Reptiland, Philadelphia Zoo, and other great places. Other field trips have been guided walks and camping trips, finding and photographing wild reptiles and amphibians. LHS is a great place to plug in and connect with other reptile-lovers!

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The Pennsylvania Amphibian and Reptile Survey is a cutting-edge citizen science program. Joining PARS is free and you can volunteer on your own schedule. All you do is photograph the wild reptiles and amphibians you encounter and document them through the PARS website. State biologists use these records to conserve and protect our native herps, and volunteers get a great education in the process. We highly recommend it for all ages!

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PAHerps.com is a great site to learn about the reptiles and amphibians of Pennsylvania. This is one of the most well-organized native herp sites you will find on the internet!