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Adoption Contract

This is a sample of our adoption contract terms. You will be asked to sign and agree to similar terms before adopting a reptile from Forgotten Friend.

SAMPLE Pet Reptile or Amphibian Adoption Contract

I, _____________ Joe Reptileadopter _____________, hereby acknowledge receiving from Forgotten Friend or its agents:

______1 Boa Constrictor “Squeezy”______________,

which I agree to care for in a humane manner and maintain in accordance with the laws and ordinances in the locality and state in which I reside.

I further agree that I will not sell, trade, give away or dispose of said animal(s) in any way, but will return adopted animal(s) to Forgotten Friend, if I must relinquish custody. This animal will not be used for vivisection or any experimental procedure whatsoever.

Forgotten Friend and its agents will not be responsible for any accidents, injuries, or illness arising from the adoption of any animal. Forgotten Friend and its agents make no representation concerning the animal’s exposure to salmonella or other diseases, or the safety of keeping any animal. Anyone adopting any animal from Forgotten Friend assumes full financial responsibility and releases Forgotten Friend and its agents from the same.

I have read and understand the above and agree to abide by its contents.

_____________________________________________ _______________________

_____________________________________________ _______________________
Forgotten Friend, Inc.