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Draw a SNAKE, win a PRIZE!

Drawing a snake has never felt so rewarding!

Many reptiles spend days, weeks, or even months in tiny underground bunkers and burrows. It’s how they survive harsh winters and sizzling summers. It may not sound like much fun, but it’s the healthiest choice they can make under extreme circumstances.

Some of us probably feel like we’re stuck in an underground reptile cave lately. Just like our reptile friends, many of us humans are hunkered down in our homes, riding out the historic Covid Quarantine of 2020. Like our cold-blooded counterparts, we know we’re making the best choices for our own health. Nevertheless, we thought a FUN CONTEST would help a lot of kids break up the boredom and enjoy their time at home while school is out. So check out the video below, then share your snake art with us, for a chance to win cool prizes!

Click on the drawings below to open the Draw A Snake album on Facebook, where you can “like” drawings and leave positive comments for the artists.


Ready to share your snake art with us? Just email your entries to info@forgottenfriend.org or post them on our Facebook or Instagram or Twitter pages. We’ll be choosing lots of winners as long as schools are closed, so keep an eye on your mailbox. So far we’ve mailed out a bunch of stickers, patches, field guides, real shed snake and lizard skin, other goodies, and tickets to the Wildlife Center at Refreshing Mountain! Each reptile fun pack may be different. And even if we don’t mail you a prize, you are automatically WINNING because you’re doing an awesome artwork project and giving reptiles a chance, while we each do our part to flatten the curve! Have fun and stay healthy!

Here are a few of the prizes that might be in your envelope, if your drawing is chosen to win prizes!

Thank You Notes:

I can’t tell you how thrilled Wyatt is. He LOVES snakes so this was the perfect art class for him yesterday. 🙂 God bless you!

– Danielle T

This is Luke, he is 8 years old and loves all reptiles! Thank you bringing a fun challenge to his day!

– Rebekah W

Preston (10) learned about the Green Anaconda. Gryphon (8) learned about the Death Adder! We had so much fun!

-Megan P

Thanks for teaching them how to draw snakes! The kids are loving their prizes!

-Kara G 

Atticus is so excited to win a prize!! Thanks so much for all you’re doing to entertain and educate while the kids are out of school.

-Erin S

Thank you for the project to keep the kiddos busy. 

-Janelle S

Thanks for the fun contest while we’re off school. I shared it on Instagram the day he drew it as well.  He will be so excited to get mail during this time off of school. Thank you so much!

-Erin L