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Field Guide Fundraiser

As a private nonprofit group, we understand how important it is to stretch every dollar. The Field Guide Fundraiser is an opportunity to earn free reptile programs for your event! Here’s how it works:

Salamanders of Pennsylvania, Lizards and Turtles of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Frogs and Toads, and Pennsylvania Snakes are four of our region’s most current wildlife field guides. As a sponsor of these publications, Forgotten Friend is able to sell them as a fundraiser for $5 each. If your group helps us sell them, we’ll apply the proceeds directly to your assembly. For every field guide your group sells, $4 goes toward your assembly rate.

That’s an 80% return for your group, making it one of the best fundraisers available!

For example, if every student in a class of 25 students sells just ONE field guide, you will raise $100 toward your assembly rate. If every student sells THREE (or if three classes of 25 students sell just ONE) you will raise $300 toward your assembly.

Ready to get started?

  1. Send us a check to order your guides. Minimum order is 25 books for $125. We’ll chip in for FREE SHIPPING.
  2. For every 25 books you order, we will credit $100 toward your program rate. (25 books earns a $100 credit, 50 books earns a $200 credit, 75 books earns a $300 credit…)
  3. Encourage your group to help sell the guides to friends and family. Have them ask a few friends and family something like this: “Would you like to buy this $5 nature guide to support our scout/church/school event?” Be creative and have fun with this great publication!
  4. Per the publisher agreement, we must sell the guides for $5, or you may give them away as prizes at your event, but we may not sell them for less than $5. Either way, the money you make buy selling these guides stays with your group. If you have one or two dozen people sell a handful of guides, you can earn a free program!

If you have any questions about the Field Guide Fundraiser please email us at: info@forgottenfriend.org.

Co-author, Dr. Walter Meshaka, shows off his “Pennsylvania Snakes” field guide at the State Museum in Harrisburg, while wearing a “Give Reptiles a Chance” shirt from Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary! Photo by Marcus Schneck, The Patriot-News.

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Event Scheduling FAQ

Can you do more than one show per day?

Yes. If you see a date with only one show scheduled, we may be available to do a second show on the same date.

How far ahead do I have to book my event?

Some shows are scheduled over a year in advance, but some are booked only weeks or months in advance. We’ve even scheduled shows the day before the event.

How far will you travel?

We will travel wherever we can serve within Pennsylvania. Federal animal laws prohibit us from interstate travel in some cases. Our program rate includes free local travel, which is a 10 mile radius from our location (17545) based on a mapquest estimate. Additional mileage rates may apply to other areas around the state. For a quote to your zip code, please contact us.

But are REPTILES really appropriate for MY EVENT?

Forgotten Friend provides nature programming for countless venues and Jesse has performed over 1,000 shows. We are glad to customize each program to fit your event. Usually our setup looks like this, but we do many custom setups each year for events of all sizes and themes.