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Jesse gets a workout lifting Jasper, one of our heaviest and friendliest reptile ambassadors, for a packed house at Fredricksen Library in Camp Hill.

Make your event GO WILD!

Each year Jesse and his rescued reptiles provide more than 300 live shows! Our program is very popular with schools, churches, scouts, libraries, community events, television and radio. Jesse and the reptiles have performed at the governor’s mansion, for the U.S. Congress, and with famous comedians like Jay Leno, Nate Bargatze, and Brian Bates. Our show has been seen in crowded theaters and stadiums, at giant fairs and festivals, and at more intimate backyard gatherings. We love people, nature, and live events!

Check our Event Calendar below to see where we will be, then come out and join us. Or email us to schedule our reptile program at your event.

Event Scheduling FAQ

Can you do more than one show per day?

Yes. If you see a date with only one show scheduled, we may be available to do a second show on the same date.

How far ahead should I book my event?

Many shows are scheduled 12 months in advance, but most are booked a few months or weeks in advance. We’ve even scheduled shows the SAME DAY, but that’s a long shot. The earlier you can schedule your show, the better your chances are that we will be available.

How far will you travel?

We travel wherever we can serve, typically within Pennsylvania. Events outside of PA require a little extra planning to make sure we have all the correct state and federal permits.  For a quote to your location, please email info@forgottenfriend.org.

Are reptiles appropriate for my event?

YES! Your audience will laugh and learn as they trade their fears for fascination. We provide programming for all kinds of venues and Jesse has performed thousands of shows. We are glad to customize each program to fit your event. We do many custom setups each year for events of all sizes, ages, and themes.

How big are your shows?

Every event is unique, and we work with audiences over 1,000 at times. But we recommend audiences of 100 or less when possible. Smaller groups enjoy a more VIP experience, and larger groups enjoy the dynamic of a large crowd. For school programs we insist on a little more structure. But for other events we plan to serve audiences of all sizes.

How much does it cost?

If you’re looking for the cheapest entertainment, that’s not us. We provide licensed and insured professional family programming, and we spend a lot of money maintaining and transporting healthy exotic animals to educate and entertain. Even with everything we invest into our shows, our programs only cost hundreds, but not thousands. Compared to other professional programs we are very affordable, but compared to uninsured, inexperienced presenters we are expensive. We have standard rates for 60-minute-programs, and discounted rates for longer shows or multiple show times. School districts, libraries, and larger organizations should ask about multi-booking discounts for scheduling shows at two or more locations. For a quote to your location, please email info@forgottenfriend.org.

Is it worth it?

Most of our programs are for repeat-customers, some of whom schedule us several times a year. So we definitely have a lot of satisfied customers! We know you’ll be glad you scheduled us!

To schedule your event:

Please email info@forgottenfriend.org.

A crowd looks on in wonder and admiration as Jesse supervises a “python stretch” at Penn Township Community Day.

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