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Please use these pictures and videos to promote your reptile event with Jesse Rothacker and Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary. You may use any photos from our website and social media.

Promotional Video

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Promotional Photos

Here’s a sample event poster from a past event:

Jesse with Abraham

This giant tortoise is Abraham, one of the only reptile residents at Forgotten Friend who helps us mow the grass. Sulcata Tortoises are one of the three largest tortoise species in the world, along with the Galapagos and Aldabra Tortoises. These resident tortoises get lots of grazing and exercise at Forgotten Friend, and are always an audience favorite at outreach programs.

To download “Jesse with Abraham” click here.

Jesse with Gila Monster

The black and orange lizard Jesse is holding is a Gila Monster from the Arizona Desert. The Gila Monster (pronounced hee-luh) is the only venomous lizard species in the United States. Although we discuss venomous animals at our programs, we do not bring any live venomous animals. Jesse has filmed and studied Gila Monsters in the wild.

To download “Jesse with Gila Monster” click here.

Jesse with Burmese Python

The big yellow snake wrapped around Jesse’s shoulders is Casper, one of our Albino Burmese Pythons. Like Casper, who was found abandoned in a New Jersey junk yard, many large constrictors are cast off by fickle owners when they outgrow their welcome. Reports estimate tens of thousands of Burmese Pythons, which reach lengths of 20 feet, are now living and breeding in the United States due to the phenomenon of owners dumping their exotic pets. Available in Cut-out version or Jungle version.

To download “Jesse with Burmese Python” cutout version click here or jungle version click here.

Jesse with Iguana

Green Iguanas are one of the largest arboreal lizards in the rain forest. Jesse has to wear special gloves to handle Boo and Isadore, our resident green iguanas, because they have long, sharp claws for climbing. Iguanas are herbivores and some times they like to eat lunch in front of audiences at outreach programs. It’s also fun to watch them balance and perch on Jesse’s gloves, or sometimes his shoulders or his head!

To download “Jesse with Iguana” click here.

Jesse with Spectacled Caiman

The toothy reptile Jesse is holding is a Spectacled Caiman, which is a South American relative of the USA’s native species, the American Alligator. American alligators grow to lengths beyond 15 feet and weigh in close to 1,000 pounds! Forgotten Friend receives unwanted-alligator calls every week and we do NOT recommend alligators as pets.

To download “Jesse with Spectacle Caiman” click here.

Jesse with Corn Snakes

The three colorful snakes wrapped around Jesse’s neck are corn snakes. Corn snakes are some of the most colorful and most docile snakes in the world, and have become our P.R. snakes for hands-on encounters after the show!

To download “Jesse with Corn Snakes” click here.

Jesse with Larry the Nile Monitor

Monitor Lizards are the world’s largest carnivorous lizards, and their
family includes the Komodo Dragon, the world’s biggest lizard! “Larry” the
Nile Monitor
is the big guy in Jesse’s arms. Typically the monitor lizards at our events are not quite so big!

To download “Jesse with Larry the Nile Monitor” click here or click here.

Would you like even MORE reptile pictures?

Just visit our Happy Endings link to find dozens of pictures and stories of reptiles Forgotten Friend has saved over the years. You can right click on any of the pictures and select “Save image” from the drop down menu to save them to your computer. Keep searching our social media pages for additional pictures and videos.

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Jesse Rothacker’s Bio

Herpetologist Jesse Rothacker features fifteen reptiles from around the world, including snakes, lizards, turtles, and crocodilians!

Jesse is the founder and president of Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit reptile rescue and education organization. Jesse serves as the “Critter Correspondent” for the Kids Cookie Break radio show on WJTL 90.3, and a featured animal expert on television programs suchas ABC 27‘s Good Day PA and BRC News 11.

Jesse is a founding member and the current President of the Lancaster Herpetological Society, a partner organization focused on the conservation of reptiles and amphibians, and educating the public about their importance on Earth.

Each year Forgotten Friend finds homes for unwanted pet reptiles and provides outreach programs for thousands of families.

Any questions, please email info@forgottenfriend.org or call (717)330-3015.