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Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary is a small reptile rescue in Amish country, Pennsylvania. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a dual focus on educational outreach and rescuing reptiles.

A monitor lizard and an iguana share a basking log in the rescue’s outdoor lizard lounge.
Chompy and Bacon soak up the sun in our outdoor pond.

How can you get involved in reptile rescue?

1. Adopt

To adopt a reptile through Forgotten Friend, join our Reptile Rescue Network. Just enter your email below and we’ll let you know about rescue opportunities.

The next time we list a reptile for adoption, you may be the first to know! We typically charge small adoption fees to protect reptiles from hoarders who simply collect free animals. However we try to keep adoption fees low to attract good homes, and 100% of the adoption fees benefit the rescue. So it’s a win-win! Ready to adopt today?¬†Check out our Main Adoption Link for reptiles at the rescue, or browse our Facebook page¬†to find adoptable reptiles that are still in the care of their owners.

2. Donate

As a private nonprofit organization, Forgotten Friend receives no governmental funding and we operate on your generosity. Donations over $25 will receive a donation letter documenting your tax-deductible support. To make a secure online donation, just click the Paypal button below, or checks can be made payable to “Forgotten Friend, Inc.” Please contact us with any questions.

3. Share

Encourage others to join our Reptile Rescue Network and share our Facebook page. Request a free program booklet to help bring our family reptile shows to your schools, churches, and community events in Pennsylvania.

Giving up your reptile through Forgotten Friend

If you are unable to care for your reptile, please consider surrendering your pet to a rescue like Forgotten Friend. As a nonprofit organization, we never charge a dime to take in a reptile. Please NEVER release your pet reptile in the wild, which is illegal, unethical, and cruel to your pet.

If we can’t take in your reptile, we can still help!

We’re a small rescue with limited space, and we have dozens of animals already in our care. We can’t say ‘yes’ to every surrender request, but we help network homes for 100% of reptile calls we receive. For example, we simply cannot handle the volume of requests we get to take unwanted Red-Ear Sliders and Iguanas. But even when we decline to take your iguana or aquatic turtle, we’ll point you in the right direction. Many people have successfully networked homes for their pets by posting on our Facebook Page, which has thousands of followers, including many experienced reptile keepers.  So if your pet reptile needs a new home, please use the resources on!

A loving owner says good bye to his tortoise Bobbi, during a dropoff appointment at the rescue.

The goal at Forgotten Friend is to place our reptiles in BETTER homes. To ensure these animals go to only the best homes, we have a couple of ground rules. These rules are listed in our Code of Ethics.