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Facebook Adoption Listings

Glad you are here! We get five to ten animal intake requests per day. As a small organization, we don’t have the time or the staff to meet with that many people per day, or the ability to take in that many animals. We would need to find space for them, feed them, care for them, socialize them, list them for adoption, screen potential homes, meet with adopters, and adopt them all out again. Until a billionaire decides to fund us with a full time staff and giant property, we simply don’t have the space or resources to accept every intake request. That’s why we reserve the spots at our rescue for emergencies, and we ask capable owners to post their reptiles for adoption through our Facebook Adoption Group. It’s actually really easy, really effective, and this page will show you how.

Posting Your Reptile for Adoption

1. Visit

2. You must “join” the group in order to post. Once you join the group, you can post pictures and info about your adoptable pet.

3. Your post should include basic info about your adoptable pet(s) and your general LOCATION, typically town or county and state. You will need to communicate with potential homes, so either include phone or email, or monitor the post closely to make sure you can respond to any comments or private messages.

Here’s an example of some typical posts:

Here’s another typical post:

Please CLICK HERE for more specific posting instructions, with some tips about what info may get your post rejected by Facebook.

4. Once you click “Post” your adoption listing should appear right on the page! If you don’t see your post immediately, it may just be waiting for admin approval, which shouldn’t take too long.

We will repost many of these listings so they are seen by even more people. We also highlight them every month at Lancaster Herpetological Society meetings and other places. We have thousands of followers who may see AND SHARE your post. So this is a great opportunity to get your post in front of lots of people who love reptiles.

Adoption Fees


Facebook terms of service DO NOT allow buying and selling of animals, which includes listing specific “adoption fees” or “rehoming fees”. DO NOT list an animal with a sale price or even a specific adoption fee. DO NOT mention rehoming or adoption – nothing about a new home or new zip code. Nothing to imply a transaction (or that an animal is exchanging hands in any way). If you are just trying to sell animals, go somewhere else. Violators will be removed. We have a long list of banned users who try to sell animals in our adoption group. This is NOT the place to sell.

Screening Potential Homes

If you are unsure how to screen homes, feel free to borrow some of the questions from our adoption application at Just take the time to ask some important questions and follow your best judgement. YOU are the best person to talk to potential adopters about your pet. We are glad we can provide a venue to bring adoptable reptiles together with potential adopters, and help you do the rest.

Thank You

Many people get mad at us because we don’t provide free around-the-clock pickups of any animals they decide to unload. Unfortunately there is no magic phone number you can call to instantly put all unwanted pets in perfect new homes. And if there was, the price tag for that type of service would be astronomical. As a small rescue with little funding, we do our best with the emergency workload we are able to handle. If you are willing to do your part, and invest some time and effort, this page can be a great tool to help you put your pet in a good new situation. Thanks for taking the time and effort to be a responsible pet owner, even when you need to give up your pet.